D-Bears Chair Caning and Seat Weaving

D-Bears Chair Caning and Seat Weaving

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Dana Stiffler

 “We Restore Wood Chairs” 

Since 1987, we have specialized in seat weaving with cane, fiber rush and other materials.  We do wood chair repair from minor touch up to full restoration.  Also some types of wicker repair.  We offer fair prices for your project and can pickup and deliver within a reasonable distance.  Call or email to discuss your chair’s needs. 

Woven Chair Repair 

 What style woven seat do I have?

 There are many styles of woven seats using a wide variety of materials.  The following pictures represent the three most common styles, “hand-woven cane”, “pre-woven cane” and “fiber rush”.  Within each of these styles there are sub-terms that define the pattern or the material used for each style.  Knowing the terms can be very helpful when quoting a cost.


                                            Most Common Types of Woven Seats

Hand Woven Cane

These seats are hand woven from single strands of cane in a “Traditional” pattern.  This is the most common pattern.  Woven cane seats are charged by the hole in the seat frame.

Pre-woven Press/Cane webbing 

Pre-woven, also known as press cane or cane Webbing is machine made.  It comes in various patterns.  The “Traditional” pattern, seen above, is the most common.  This type of cane is charged by the inch (longest length)

Fiber Rush 

Rush as a noun is defined as a marsh plant.  Bull grass and cattail leaves are old world materials used to weave this type of seat and are still used today.  Fiber rush is made of paper and is the most common material used.  For over one hundred years fiber rush has been used for chair seats, backs and in the production of wicker furniture.  It is very durable and cost effective.

How much will it cost?

Chairs are like children, each one is unique.  This makes it difficult to quote from email inquiries.  Correct terminology and photos are very helpful, but speaking to you is best short of seeing the project first hand.  We use fixed formulas for determining costs for seat replacement and am happy to discuss these with you.  Complicated weaving can run $100 - $200, but most basic seat weaving is under $100.00 and many pre-woven seats are much less. 

How long will it take?

Most chair repairs take one to two weeks to complete.  When a chair needs more TLC it can take more time.  We believe in moving repairs a long as quickly as possible without jeopardizing the quality of the work.

About the Work 

We want you to be happy with your completed project.  To restore any type of woven seat requires that the chair be in good condition.  In quoting your project, color, finish and proper preparation will be taken into consideration.  These repairs and final touches, if needed, will promote long lasting use and enjoyment.   

I stand behind my work and will do my best to make sure you are satisfied. 


About D-Bear’s 

This is a home based business started to keep Mr. Mom from going crazy while the kid was in school.  Now, I am Mr. Grandma and operate by appointment.  I work days, nights and some weekends when I need to.  If I have restoration projects I work, if I don’t I play.  I try to stay flexible to meet with people when it is convenient for us both. My staff (wife and kid) also is available to help meet your needs.  I recognize my limits and do refer some projects that are beyond my scope to other shops in my area.   

I am located in Holt, Michigan, just south of Lansing, Michigan’s State Capitol.

Please call or email me at:
Dana Stiffler
D-Bears Chair Caning and Seat Weaving





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If you email me, pictures of your project and dimensions will help to get a more accurate estimate

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